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Daily Schedule

8:05 Bell Rings
8:10 Classes Begin
10:10-10:25 Outside Recess
11:55-12:10 Lunch
12:10-12:40 Outside Recess
2:15 Students Load the Buses
2:20 Buses Depart



Current News and Announcements
  • ************DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS*****************

    Office Hours:   7:45 - 3:15    Phone:   902-542-6090  Fax:   902-542-6096   Email:


    Feb 27 -    Session 1 Multi-Sport Club (gr 2-5) Gaspereau Rec         

    Feb 28 -    Lunch Order Goes Home

                      Session 1 Climbing Club (gr P-2) Gaspereau Rec  

    March 1 -  Session 1 Girls Club (gr 2-5) Gaspereau Rec  

    March 2 - Lunch Order Due

                      Session 1 Movers Club (gr P-2) Gaspereau Rec  

    March 3 - Session 1 Adventure Club (gr 2-5) Gaspereau Rec  

  • Attendance Alerts

    Automated messages are now sent out to your homephone to advise of student absences.  The following message with your child's name and date will be sent out at 9:00am Monday to Friday for unexcused absences.


    Hello, this is an attendance message from Gaspereau Valley Elementary School. Please be advised that #FirstName# #LastName# was absent without excuse for all or part of the day on #Date#. Please contact the school’s office 902-542-6090 to provide an excuse or to discuss this absence further.


Documents and Forms    LUNCH ORDER FORM February 27 - March 3, 2017